Roy Scheepens

Hi! My name is Roy Scheepens. I'm a Dutch developer, designer and web entrepreneur.

I have well over 16 years of experience in both front- and backend technologies, developing and managing projects both large and small. I strive to make users happy, and my clients along the way.

With strong communication skills, I'm able to translate your business objectives into web or mobile solutions and I'm capable of ensuring a consistent, professional and fluid experience for your users.

As a Full Stack Developer, I specialize in Javascript, HTML / CSS and PHP, utilizing technologies like (but not limited to) React & React Native, Angular, AngularJS, Laravel, Craft CMS, Bootstrap, Bulma and more.

As it comes to design, I truly believe less is more. Design should be functional and beautiful, and always provide an optimal user experience. No matter which device is used. By understanding human behaviour and interaction principles I design usable, functional and delightful digital products using primarily Sketch.

Like to know more?

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